Farmer is looking for a wife: Has Denise and her animals a place with Sascha

Farmer is looking for a wife: Has Denise and her animals a place with Sascha

The “unlucky” special brought Günther Jauch and “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?” no luck with the TV viewers. The quiz show reached record-breaking lows. This was mainly due to the start of the fourth season of “Celebrity Big Brother” with the private competition of Sat.1

A total of 3.65 million viewers tuned in to the WWM special edition on Friday evening. According to “ “, this is the second worst result in the history of the format. Only one issue three years ago was minimally below this value. Normally, “Wer wird Millionär” regularly attracts over five million viewers in front of the screens.

Undercut the million in the target group

The same applies to the numbers in the target group of 14 to 49 year olds. Here, the Friday evening show undercut the million mark for the first time in three years. With 980,000 viewers, the market share was just 12.2 percent.

After 20 break-ins in the kiosk: She fought at WWM for a new beginning Unlucky Special at WWM: Former Joker saver prizes for 32,000 euros The quiz uncle turns 60: Sixty 50-euro questions about Jauch’s birthday

With 2.28 million viewers, “Promi Big Brother” was clearly behind WWM in terms of the total audience, but was able to score points in the target group. 1.18 million tuned in here, which corresponds to a market share of 15.4 percent. The reality show thus built on the values ​​of the previous year.

“But now I want to see performance”, Günther Jauch asked his “Who will be a millionaire?” Candidate when asked about the 64,000 euros question. But the budding geography teacher could not even answer the geography question correctly. The end of a tough round of guessing.

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The student teacher Dustin Colle was asked to answer the neighboring countries in which the population differed by less than 400,000. Spain / Portugal, France / Italy, Netherlands / Belgium or Austria / Switzerland.

Admittedly, a tricky job. But the 25-year-old decided, after he had already got out, of all countries for those two countries whose population figures are the furthest apart. Namely Spain (46.4 million) and Portugal (10.6 million). Austria and Switzerland would have been correct.

Root crops and Späti

Already after the 16,000 euro question, Jauch found that his candidate does not have much idea, but gets through well. Three of the four jokers were already gone.

The hamburger needed the first one because he didn’t know what root crops were. The second because he didn’t know the term “Späti” for kiosks with opening times outside of normal shop closing times. The third because he didn’t associate the word tip-off with basketball.

It should be the parents’ old car

Dustin Colle wanted to throw away at 32,000 euros. Although his brother had helped as a telephone joker and gave the correct answer. Alone the candidate did not dare, but let Jauch change his mind.argumentative psychology topics

Successful only in the fourth attempt: Günther Jauch christened the ” MS Günther ” “Who will be a millionaire?”: Telephone joker saves at the last second The quiz uncle turns 60: Sixty 50-euro questions on Jauch’s birthday

In the end, he was able to take this sum home with him. With the money he wants to buy his parents’ old car. 

Every streak of bad luck has to come to an end at some point. The “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire” special on Friday evening now gave people the opportunity to win millions who were generally not very lucky in their lives. Just like kiosk owner Anke Christensen.

After the summer break – These TV shows will be back soon

After the summer break

These TV shows will be back soon

Attention Trash TV fans: With this guide you won’t miss a thing on TV. Video

For her, everything was at stake in the chair across from quiz king Günther Jauch. The 55-year-old ran a kiosk in Niebüll until the end of 2015. But Christensen had to give up the “Haus am See” after it had been broken into more than 20 times in the past six years.

“Niebüll – the center of evil”

The break-ins had financially ruined the mother of three. At the WWM “Second Chance for Unlucky” Special, she hoped for enough money to start over.

“Niebüll suddenly became the center of evil – at least as far as your little booth was concerned,” joked Günther Jauch as the likeable woman with a pearl necklace and pony hairstyle took a seat on the chair.

“I would definitely put the profit in an alarm system. Or in light so that it gets light if someone tries to steal something again,” reveals the candidate.

In fact, the dark-haired woman did well, only using the joker for the first time when she asked for 16,000 euros. “In which monarchy did the royal couple recently get another grandchild in March and April?” Christensen knew it, but Jauch unsettled her. To be on the safe side, she took the 50:50 joker. “B) Norway” and “D) Sweden” remained.

The beauty doc was her undoing

But after the 32,000 euro question it was over. The twelfth question was the doom of the mother of three: “What is part of the daily business for the beauty doctor? A) breakfast operations, B) lunchtime interventions (correct), C) dinner corrections, D) barbecue treatments.”

Christensen was at a loss, asked the audience. But the result was not clear. The 55-year-old pulled out the telephone joker and called her sister. But even that was wrong with the answer “C) Dinner corrections”.

Unlucky Special at WWM: Former Joker saver prizes for 32,000 euros New special at RTL: Günther Jauch gives WWM unlucky people a second chance WWM promise: Günther Jauch baptizes a ship in Münster The quiz uncle turns 60: Sixty 50- Euro questions about Jauch’s birthday “Who wants to be a millionaire” winner has published a guide: With these tips you can also do it at Jauch!

Anke Christensen got out and took 32,000 euros home with her. So nothing should stand in the way of a new beginning. 

At Günther Jauch’s WWM celebrity special, an illustrious group will take a seat on the council chair on Monday evening: In addition to the Geissens, Wolfgang Bosbach, Christoph Daum and Waldemar Hartmann each want to win a million euros. The Geissens do not anticipate great chances of winning: “The others are also much more intelligent and much fitter than prospective millionaires. After all, we are already millionaires,” jokes Robert Geiss in an RTL interview.

The show with the talkative celebrity couple should not be boring, but their notorious discussions could exceed the time frame of the show: “I do believe that all of this could be delayed if we are not completely in agreement,” Carmen told RTL.

Robert: “The woman is smarter”

Carmen Geiss had little opportunity to prepare for the quiz questions due to her participation in the RTL show “Let’s Dance”. Her Robert trusts her completely: “I would say very clearly that the woman is smarter,” he explains.

Waldi wants to rehabilitate himself

Waldemar Hartmann also wants to play for millions on Monday. In the meantime he has got over his telephone joker blackout from November 2013 to some extent. In any case, he doesn’t want to stress himself: “I think it would be the stupidest thing to put yourself under such pressure. Then I’ll really be out of 500 euros.”

Christoph Daum: Just no questions about film or music

Football coach Christoph Daum is particularly afraid of film and music issues. He sees his strengths in other areas: “I’ve always been more interested in general life and picked up a lot there. I hope that will help me.”

Photo show: Günther Jauch click show: The worst mistakes in “ Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? ”

Wolfgang Bosbach: “You can only embarrass yourself”

CDU politician Wolfgang Bosbach is a little more nervous than Daum: “I think that you can only embarrass yourself there. If you know something, the audience says: ‘It’s clear.’ If you don’t know something, it says: ‘Typical Politicians – Big mouth, but nothing behind it ‘. “

It took him four tries – then it was done. Günther Jauch has given a party ship his first name in Münster. At the side of ship owner Leon Windscheid, the “Who Wants to be a Millionaire?” Moderator did not want to throw the bottle at first. The champagne bottle remained intact three times. Only then did it burst on the side of the “MS Günther”.

Happy Birthday – This is how Günther Jauch has changed since 1987

happy Birthday

Günther Jauch has changed since 1987

The popular show master was born on July 13, 1956. Video

Around 1000 spectators gave the baptism a worthy setting in the city harbor of Münster in the sunshine. The ship then cast off for an hour on the Dortmund-Ems Canal for the christening.

Promises from WWM broadcast

Jauch had made the baptism promise in his broadcast after the millionaire winner Leon Windscheid had answered all questions correctly in December 2015.

The psychology doctoral student announced in front of the camera that he wanted to invest part of the profit in a party ship. Windscheid uses the hype surrounding the Jauch visit to collect donations for a refugee project. Jauch was born in Münster. When he was three, his parents moved with him to Berlin. Windscheid operates the ship on the canal as a party boat.

WWM promise: Günther Jauch names a ship in Münster WWM winner Leon Windscheid: Now he has his ” MS Günther ” at a glance: All the news about ” Who will be a millionaire? ”

Three years ago, Alexander Zimmer, a scrap dealer from Frankfurt, cleared the RTL show “Wer wird Millionär?” 750,000 euros. Now he has written a guidebook in which he gives a lot of tips on how to get cream from Günther Jauch.

In the “Bild” newspaper, he reveals five quick tips for becoming a successful TV millionaire.

Unusual application photo

The application photo is very important – according to Zimmer -: You should attach an unusual photo to the online application in order to stand out from the rest of the flood of applicants.

Collect entertaining anecdotes

You should also collect funny anecdotes that you could share in the show. For the creators, the entertainment value of the candidates is most important, so it is advisable to meet their expectations.

Read, read, read

It is also crucial to read a lot. Both newspapers and magazines and online magazines as questions about current events are often asked.

Practice sorting question

In addition, you should practice the sorting question with the appropriate apps three days before the show. That increases the chance of making it into the “hot seat” at the crucial moment.

Use the telephone joker quickly

The choice of joker is also crucial: the telephone joker is the weakest because the person called only has 30 seconds. Therefore you should use this joker quickly.

If you want to get more tips from the experts, you can read on in Alexander Zimmer’s new eBook.

“Who Wants to Be a Millionaire”: Gambler Special: “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?”: Scrap dealer gambled and clears Photo show: Günther Jauch

“Who Wants to Be a Millionaire” winner Alexander Zimmer wrote a guidebook. (Source: screenshot book cover)

They did not want to be helped, had a blackout, had wrong memories – or relied on a joker who gave them the wrong answer: There were unlucky people in the story of “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?” again and again. Now five of them are given a second chance.

After the summer break – These TV shows will be back soon

After the summer break

These TV shows will be back soon

Attention Trash TV fans: With this guide you won’t miss a thing on TV. Video

The RTL show with Günther Jauch is returning from the summer break with a “Unlucky Special” (Monday, 8:15 pm). We introduce the five candidates who can prove their knowledge again. One of them, Julian Groenwoldt, never sat on the council chair. According to RTL, he has applied a hundred times and has already failed four times in the selection round – whether he is typing correctly and quickly enough this time? 

Daniela Wartini – first appearance in 2009

Daniela Miessl – today she is called Wartini – wanted to save on Joker and therefore went home with 500 euros. According to the motto “Greed eats the brain”, she has now shown her understanding. “This kind of arrogance and conviction that I have shown is really very embarrassing in retrospect.” 

It failed because of the 8,000 euro question: “Film partner of the Oscar-winning Kate Winslet and the hero in the ‘Vorleser’ is the young German star David …?” – A: Hot, B: Crunchy, C: Crunchy, D: Sweet and SourDaniela tapped A. (You can find all the correct answers at the end of the article.)

Johannes Schelle – first appearance 2013

Johannes Schelle had bad luck with his jokers: Two of them couldn’t help him with the 8,000 euro question. At first, the entire audience did not provide a clear answer, then he listened to the additional joker, which was also wrong. So the master carpenter went home with 500 euros. That shouldn’t happen to him this time.

Johannes Schelle’s 9th question was: “Who is responsible for awarding the Nobel Peace Prize?” – A: Committee, B: Committee, C: Committee, D: Committee Bell tapped B.

Dr. Friedrich-Wilhelm Elstermann von Elster – first appearance 2014

The retired doctor had taken part in a gambling special and also relied on an additional joker for the € 125,000 question, which led him astray. At that time he did not doubt his answer, so Elstermann von Elster today. “After that I was shocked and angry, how can you be so sure about something wrong?” 

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