RV Jargon Terms and What They Suggest. COMPONENTS AND CAMPING TERMS

RV Jargon Terms and What They Suggest. COMPONENTS AND CAMPING TERMS

As with any kind of tradition or life style, RVing has it is slang terms that will be confusing to often those who find themselves unknown, or brand new, to RV living and camping. We now have put together a “newbie”(someone not used to the RV globe) a number of a number of the more popular jargon term employed by regular RVers.

RV Terms:

Chassis – Metal framework giving support to the bodywork and engine.

Cockpit – Area in which the motorist sits.

Basement – space area under the flooring of this engine house, often accessible through the exterior.

Boondocking (or Dry Camping) – Camping without setting up to virtually any electric, sewer or water facilities. You’ll still have electricity through the batteries or generator in your engine house and water from your own fresh water keeping tank.

Dinghy (or Toad) – Vehicle towed behind your engine house.

Dump Station – Facility where you are able to empty your black colored and grey water keeping tanks (see keeping tanks for description).

Extensive keep web web web Site – Park or campsite where you are able to remain for a longer time period, even as much as a season that is entire.

Complete Hookup – Campsite with direct connections to electricity, water and sewer amenities.

Galley – Kitchen.

Keeping Tanks – you will find three various holding tanks on most engine domiciles:

Black Water Tank – Holds all waste and water through the lavatory.

Fresh Water Tank – shops all the water that is fresh will likely be found in the sinks, bath and lavatory while dry camping.

Genset – A motorhome’s electric generator

Gray Water Tank – Holds all the waste and water through the sink and bath drains.

Pull-Through – Camping web web web site which allows you to definitely pull through whenever you put up and then leave the location. There is no need to back in or away from a pull through web site.

Puller – Motorhome with all the diesel engine mounted right in front regarding the automobile.

Pusher – Motorhome aided by the diesel engine mounted within the backside associated with car.

RV – Recreational Vehicle. Combines transportation and short-term living quarters for fun, camping and travel.

Rig – Another title for motorhome.

RBR – Really Big Rig.

Shorepower – AC energy supply to connect into during the campground

Slideout – part of the engine house that will expand to generate more room in.

VBR – Really Big Rig.


Beginner – Someone a new comer to the RV globe.

Full-Timers – People whom are now living in their RV full-time or at minimum most of the time.

Part-Timers – People whom use their RV for over a few week-end trips a year, but whom nevertheless utilize it lower than regular.

Snowbirds – Those who are now living in their RV within the south during the cold winter months and go north in the summertime time.


Gross Combined fat Rating (GCWR) – The manufacturer’s maximum load fat, in pounds, allowed for the trailer and tow automobile. This score includes the extra weight associated with the trailer, tow vehicle, gas, water, propane, materials and people.

Gross Vehicle body Weight Rating (GVWR) – The manufacturer’s optimum load fat, in pounds, permitted when it comes to automobile. This score includes the extra weight associated with the fuel plus vehicle, water, propane, supplies and people.

Web Carrying capability (NCC) (or Payload Capacity) – The weight that is maximum of, water, propane, materials and people that may be included with an RV without mail order bride exceeding the Gross Vehicle body body Weight Rating (GVWR).

Unloaded Vehicle Weight (UVW) (or Dry Weight) – The weight of this RV without incorporating gas, water, propane, materials and people.

Up to date yet? Develop this list helped you recognize RV tradition merely a bit that is little. Write to us of every interesting terms or expressions we left call at the reviews area! We would like to hear them!

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